I see you

Straight through all layers.
I see who you are in your essence.
And I’m here to assist you in strengthening the connection with your innate life force – your essence.

Hello dear you, welcome!

My name is Sandra de Vos, originally from the Netherlands and currently travelling to different places in the world, following my inner compass. I experience life as a journey of discovery and in my personal story you can read how my journey has unfolded to where I am now. Through the blogs, metaphors, thoughts & poems I aim to offer you a sneak-peak into my inner world. I deeply enjoy the magic of life and that’s my wish for you too.

I’m here to assist you on your personal journey of inner discovery. I do that through Shamanic Soul Journeys where I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. A transformative process that reaches the deepest layers of your being. I guide these journeys one-on-one (in-person and via Skype) as well as in groups. You can read the testimonials of people that went before you here.

To strengthen, soften, cleanse and nourish my body I started eating raw food. Looking back, that was the catalyst and the start of my journey inwards. I’ve written a raw food recipe & inspiration book to inspire others about the transformative effects of this diet; “LekkerRaw (DeliciouslyRaw) For the love of pure”. Available in Dutch, not yet in English.

The purer your body and the purer your emotions become, the better you are able to listen to that inner voice and manifest your deepest desires in your daily life.

I’d love to hear or read from you.