Online Transmissions

Online Light Codes Transmissions

A multidimensional healing journey

While you are comfortably lying down in a quiet room on your own bed or couch, I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. We move through other dimensions and connect with higher frequencies that help you remember who you truly are in your essence: your multidimensional self. Along the way we encounter energies that are ready for discharge, transformation and upgrades. You will be showered with a colorful cacophony of cosmic sounds and light languages (codes of light). Everything is welcome to come to the surface and merge with the light.

** Connecting with your Multidimensional Self **
** Revealing Codes of Ancient Wisdom **
** Bringing Light into your Body **

There are three types of transmissions / programs:

1. Upliftment & Activation transmissions

You receive: a one hour video transmission filled with cosmic sounds and light language. These are one-off events that take place on specific dates.
Focus: connecting with and receive new cosmic upgrades that the planet is being showered with, so you can live your highest potential.

2. Clearance & Alignment Program

You receive: a 15-minute audio transmission filled with cosmic sounds and light language, on a weekly basis (every Wednesday).
Focus: maintaining a clear energy field and connect with your multidimensional self, so you can stay grounded and receptive to what life has in store for you.

3. DETOX Intensive

You receive: a 30-day program consisting of a daily 15 minute video/audio transmission filled with multidimensional healing sounds and light code drawings
Focus: clearing up blockages, physically, mentally and energetically, so creative life-force energy can effortlessly flow into your being.

3. DETACH & Surrender Intensive

You receive: a 30-day program consisting of a daily 15 minute video/audio transmission filled with cosmic sounds & light languages and light code drawings.
Focus: letting go of dependencies, so that you can relax from within, trust and surrender to the unknown.

4. One-on-one Shamanic Soul Journey

You receive: a one and a half hour personal session (in person or online)
Focus: transforming shadow / hidden aspects so that your authentic self can lead the way.


Here you can read testimonials of people who have gone before you.


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