Upliftment & Activation Transmissions

Upliftment & Activation Tranmissions

Receiving cosmic upgrades to live your highest potential

Available in June

These Online Transmissions take place on dates that are energetically extra powerful. During these days the illusionary veil is thinner and therefore your receptivity to the incoming cosmic energies is bigger. Let's take advantage of these precious moments! Think of dates like Equinoxes, Solstices, Eclipses, Galactic New Year, portal days like 1/1 (January 1), 6/6, 7/7 … 12/12 (find schedule below).

Each Online Transmission lasts 1 hour and is filled with cosmic sounds and light language. Afterwards you will receive the recording, so that you can listen to the transmission as often as you want.

Multidimensional journey

While you are comfortably lying down in a quiet room on your own bed or couch, I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. We move through other dimensions and connect with higher frequencies that help you remember who you truly are in your essence: your multidimensional self. Along the way we encounter energies that are ready for discharge, transformation and upgrades. You will be showered with a colorful cacophony of cosmic sounds and light languages (codes of light). Everything is welcome to come to the surface and merge with the light.

I often hear people say that deep down inside they know these sounds and languages. Yes, these multidimensional sounds directly speak to your essence and open up your memories of when you where as pure and innocent as a child.

These transmissions contribute to:

  • A deeper connection with and awareness of your multidimensional self
  • Revealing new layers of your higher consciousness
  • Surrendering to your souls path and your highest potential
  • Letting your mind be of service to your souls mission
  • Trusting your inner guidance and letting go of the need to understand
  • Living in the moment without wanting to know what comes next
  • Awakening and further developing your inner senses
  • Ankering light into your body and activating your DNA
  • Clearing lower frequency energies from your cellular memory
  • More clarity with regard to unconscious patterns and beliefs, so that they can be transformed

Scheduled Online Transmissions for 2019

Based on my inner guidance, new dates might be added to the schedule below.
- 6/6 Transmission (Thursday June 6, 2019)
- Summer Solstice Transmission (Friday June 21, 2019)
- Total Solar Eclipse Transmission (Tuesday July 2, 2019)
- 7/7 Transmission (Sunday July 7, 2019)

- Galactic New Year Transmission (Friday July 26, 2019)
- Lions Gate Portal Transmission (Thursday August 8, 2019)
- 9/9 Transmission (Monday September 9, 2019)
- Fall Equinox Transmission (Saturday September 21, 2019)
- 10/10 Transmission (Thursday October 10, 2019)
- 11/11 Transmission (Monday November 11, 2019)
- 12/12 Transmission (Thursday December 12, 2019)
- Winter Solstice Transmission (Saturday December 21, 2019)


Here you can read testimonials of people who have gone before you.

Listen to the replay

If you cannot attend this live broadcast, you can also listen to the recording at a later time. You then tap into the vibrating healing field that has been created during the live session. The effect is just as powerful. In the realms of lightcodes and light languages, there is no time and space, so you can listen to this whenever you want.


- € 15,- per person / per transmission - live or replay (= around $17.00)
- € 33,33 per person / per month for all transmissions - live or replay (= around $37.50)

Sign-up for Upliftment & Activation Program

Are you interested in participating in the the Upliftment & Activation Program (you'll then receive all the transmissions)? Sign-up and you will receive an announcement by email, as soon as this new initiative goes live (May 2019).

Registration Online 5/5 Transmission

Online registration will be available from April 22, 2019, but if you'd like to join the 5/5 transmission, please send me an email and let me know if you want to take part in the live transmission or receive the replay. I'll then send you a confirmation with a payment link.