Deborah Knight

Individuele sessie – “I went to Sandra at a difficult time of my life. I had been given a breast cancer diagnosis about 5 months before and my mother and younger brother had disappeared from my life. Though I was managing well with my decision not to accept a mastectomy, radiation and chemo and with changing my diet to vegan raw, I felt I needed some loving care and attention. The medical world had closed their doors on me when I refused the above care, and though friends were being supportive, I felt a bit of mothering would do me good.

Sandra fulfilled this need beautifully. She poured love and appreciation on to me, treating me and my body as if they were made of gold. It was surprising to me, as my past experience with therapists had been that they normally find some way to release a little of their own personal anger, sadness, anxiety or negative judgements onto one during their sessions. Not so with Sandra. I felt I was in the hands of a woman who has done a lot of work on herself and is truly living from the heart.”