The merge of the masculine and feminine

I see a small little boy. Incapsulated in space. Floating in the Cosmos. He feels a slight grief. He wants to be held, given space and assured with a safe and soft landing. Held in the arms of a tender warm Mother energy. Soft and gently being received, being welcomed, attracted with an open heart.

He flies in open space. Like a sperm cell, not being able to steer. The driving force is so strong, being catapulted into the Universe. Breaking free from the safe and secure and not knowing when and where the landing will be. The breath is little, because of the new and breathtaking ride. So many new things are awaiting, not to be forced. It’s a dive into the space of everything and nothing at the same time. A free flight, diving without knowing what will happen next.

Feet on the ground
Scared and sacred at the same time. A Divine power into his lower belly, not being able anymore to reject what is. There is a big force forward. Like a rocket, fired into a forward jump. Scared and longing for the warmth of the Sacred Mother, the Sacred Feminine. A soft landing in the arms of the Feminine. Being welcomed in a soft and warm bedding of the womb. Being able to finally get feet on the ground.

“Coming home in a place of peace, rest and a sacred space.”

No more searching for something. Coming home in a place of peace, rest and a sacred space. Feeling totally free to be as he is. Safe to let go of the old male energy and to be safe to be vulnerable, soft and loving. To share his love from an open space in his heart. Feeling the warmth of being welcomed and knowing that he won’t be rejected in his vulnerability. He can totally be who he is. The beauty of a man, feeling solid and strong and open at the same time. With a full dedication and perseverance that the dive into this new world is heaven on earth.

You are safe. You don’t have to fight and act strong anymore. You don’t have to prove that you are a strong man anymore. You don’t have to act according to the old paradigm of how a man should be. A paradigm which has been built layer upon layer, to firmly disapprove the connection with his own hearth. A man who doesn’t fight, a man who is strong by being present, is like a weight attracted to the Earth. Sinking in and welcomed by the Sacred Mother.

It feels like the boy has come home after an adventurous race into space (the mind). Proving who he is, to feel his existence, because he missed the acknowledgement of the Mother. Hoping to be welcomed in the arms of her love, but feeling tears of having to always be strong, ready to fight and conquer. No space for rest, no space for a vulnerable and open heart. So scared to die as he doesn’t feel protected. The tears of grief, this man has, are the tears of missing the Mother, that warm base of peace. Able to fully speak his truth and envision a life without fighting. That sacred space may now be activated in the Sacred Women’s womb on Mother Earth.

“Can you imagine that you are totally soft and open, vulnerable in not knowing what will happen next.”

Surrender to the unknown
Women, open your heart and surrender to the unknown. Can you truly open up for that man who truly loves you? Can you open yourself and surrender into being and being in a space of receiving. By surrendering into the unknown, trusting life that you will receive the Divine Masculine man you have been longing for for ages. Can you imagine that you are totally soft and open, vulnerable in not knowing what will happen next.

Please acknowledge the womb that you are. Feel the connection with Mother Earth. Acknowledge your Divine Femininity even though you have not had a women’s example to learn from. This is new for you, so trust your Inner Guidance. Connect with your Divine Self. Fully download your Divinity into your body and let it be filled with precious sparkles.

Sacred space
Are you willing to welcome the unknown? Are you willing to dive into the Sacred space of nothingness and everything at the same time? An ever expanding field of possibilities. Are you willing to dive into space where you don’t know what happens next? Are you willing to totally surrender to the openness of life? Are you willing to receive with open arms and open legs? With unprotected breasts, with an unprotected heart. With upper legs that are fully relaxed without any tension to run and fly to a protected space.

“Can you stay true to the choice of your inner calling? The Voice that whispers and invites you home.”

Are you willing to dive into your Sacred Feminine sexuality. Can you welcome the burning? Can you embrace the ever so imprinted tendency to long for safety? Can you stay true to the choice of your inner calling? The Voice that whispers and invites you home. Home in an open field of flowers. Flowers with fragile petals. In full being. Not waiting to be approved by a man. Being in full acknowledgement of your own Divine perfection. In this space imperfection doesn’t exist. This is where the harmony arises. The peace and freedom to fully be.

Women, please reunite as one and welcome the Sacred men. One after another is being catapulted into the unknown now. Be like a basket full of beautiful flowers in which the man can be received. He will fall into a soft bed of flowers, welcomed into a safe space where he feels free to fully be. To play like an innocent child, not knowing the answers beforehand. He doesn’t have to look outside of himself anymore to find approval for who he is. He may play now, feeling the safety to be fully accepted and seen for he is being true to his Divine Nature. At home in his own heart.

Ready to receive the unknown and to be open to fully accept the love and the nurturing feeling of being welcomed into the soft and devoted Feminine energy of the Mother. Breathe while you experience the welcoming feeling of being accepted as you are. Without having to be better, stronger, smarter and faster. Can you stop sending your Masculinity in search for approval, and start opening up into a state of being, so you attract the love that you are. Embrace your discomfort and bathe in the unknown.

“The proof of the Divine existence you are looking for will appear when you let go of the search for that proof.”

Sacred Union
Let the Divine timing guide you. Your wish will be fulfilled. The more you open up in a space of undoing, the more you let the Divine Feminine, float towards you. Like a magnet attracts. The more you both surrender, dear man and woman, the more you let the Divine orchestrate the most beautiful and Sacred Union of your souls. Lift up the veil of distrust and surrender into oneness with the Divine. The proof of the Divine existence you are looking for will appear when you let go of the search for that proof. When you open up to the field of omnipotentiality, you synchronize with your highest truth. That is the space where you will find home. Home within yourself and at home with your beloved soul.

Thank you from my heart.
Thank you for the guidance
so I can be a conduit for love.


Credits artist: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek (